3M Scotch-Weld Polyurethane Reactive Adhesive TE-031 - 1 x 5gal drums


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Reduced Prep Time, Quick Adhesion and Fast Set Time
Featuring rapid strength build up, 3M Scotch Weld PUR Adhesive TE031 is a one component, moisture curing structural adhesive that offers a fast set time (30 seconds) and is ideal for bonding a wide variety of plastics including polystyrene and polyacrylic. As a 100% solids adhesive, our formula produces fast bonds with reduced prep time and provides high strength and durable adhesion without the need of drying and ventilation equipment. Exceptionally strong, this adhesive provides over 6MPa. This fast handling strength adhesive has high plasticizer resistance and can be used to bond heat sensitive materials.

Recommended Applications

Wood or plastic decorative trip and moldings for furniture and cabinets

Edge moldings for countertops, tables, shelving and desks

Wood of MDF drawer bottoms, backs and facings

Modular office wall partitions

Interior and exterior wood and metal household door assembly

Bond and seal wood or plastic stiles and rails in shutters

Rubber insulation to wood, plastic or metal

Fiberglass to wood in marine interiors

Metal to laminated honeycomb in trade show booths

Combines Structural Adhesive Benefits with Hot Melt Adhesive Speed
Our family of one part, moisture curing Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesives begins curing when exposed to moisture or humidity. Moisture cure adhesives cure by means of a chemical and mechanical bond. Their high tack properties provide a strong grab to surfaces while its reactivity creates a chemical bond to the surface as well. A moisture cure urethane adhesive will chemically bond to the surface and leave a permanent residue if not removed quickly. Once cured, the adhesive can only be removed by mechanical means, such as grinding or sanding, which can degrade the original condition of the surface as it is removed. This chemical/mechanical bond is why moisture cure urethanes are among the strongest adhesives available. They offer a highly aggr

3M Scotch-Weld Polyurethane Reactive Adhesive TE-031