3M Traction Tape 5401 Tan - 12 x 32.9m x 5.1cm x 0.2mm rolls
3M Traction Tape 5401 Tan - 12 x 32.9m x 5.1cm x 0.2mm rolls

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3M Traction Tape 5401 features a glass cloth backing with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. Our glass cloth tapes combine high temperature resistance, high adhesion, and a very strong, abrasion resistant backing. The glass cloth backing is reinforced with fibreglass and resists shrinking, rotting, or burning – providing exceptional stability in production environments up to 148.8 °C. The backing is also conformable and enables a smooth application when wrapped or used in spiral formations.

The tape is applied by hand and primarily used to provide traction to material passing over rollers and drive rollers common in printing, flexo printing, converting and web processes, while also providing a non stick surface for adhesives using the same rollers reducing time wasted changing or cleaning rollers. The long lasting, silicone adhesive adheres well to most surfaces and removes cleanly with minimal clean up.