3M VHB Tape Universal Primer UV Transparent - 1 x 15.14L drums


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3M VHB Tape Universal Primer UV offers an improved environmental, health, and safety profile compared to 3M Primer 94. This is resulting from not intentionally added aromatics including Toluene, Xylene, Chlorobenzene, as well as halogens including chlorinated compounds. 3M VHB Tape Universal Primer UV features a UV indicator which makes it visible under UV light. It allows for verification of primer application, reducing the chance of priming errors and increasing quality control. It is specifically formulated for quick drying time which helps to increase speed and productivity. Promote adhesive on load bearing bonds with low impact formulation.
3M VHB Tape Universal Primer UV is specifically designed to promote bonds of 3M VHB Tapes on many difficult to stick to substrates such as plastic, painted and bare metal substrates. It may be applied with a brush, swab, or felt tipped dauber bottle applicator, knurled roller or similar type of equipment and can be removed with acetone.

3M VHB Tape Universal Primer UV, Transparent, 18.7 L