3M Vinyl Tape 470 Tan - 24 x 32.91m x 38.1mm rolls


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Rugged Reliability We've engineered our 3M(tm) Electroplating Tape 470 to withstand intense and difficult conditions associated with electroplating and anodizing processes. It's built on a flexible vinyl backing that conforms to irregular or curved surfaces. It is resistant to most common solvents and has excellent resistance to chemicals used in electroplating and anodizing. This tape will hold up while operating at temperatures of up to 76c When you're finished, the tape removes cleanly from most surfaces. In addition, the backing accepts marker ink and is printable using a thermal transfer process, making customization relatively easy when needed. Recommended Applications Masking during electroplating operations, including both flat strip and overlapping masks, Masking during anodizing operations, Wrapping, patching, coated racks and masking irregular surfaces, Labelling, Milling and etching, Peening operations, Sealing containers from water intrusion
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3M Vinyl Tape 470 Tan 38.1 mm x 32.91 m