Powertool Pro Glove


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SKU: A740BKRL Portwest


Combining comfort durability impact resistance and stylish design the Powertool Pro is ideal for tradesmen working with powertools and small components. 

Here are the key features of the Powertool Pro - High Performance Glove:

  • High Performance 
  • Combination of great Comfort, Style, Durability and Resistance
  • Middle & Index Finger Tips left open for Precision Handling 
  • Reinforced Padded Palms

A strong and highly effective glove ready to march its way to your doorstep. With such power and versatility, what's not to love? 

Still not feeling this product yet? Well you even have two different colours to choose from - Black and Navy giving you options to choose from. When the gloves are on, you will feel like a king wielding awesome power. They will also keep your hands warm, well maybe not those two unlucky fingers but the rest will be in for a treat...