Agricultural Cloth Sealing Tape - Black - 100mm x 50m roll


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Our high performance agricultural cloth sealing tape or duct tape is a super strong extruded polyethylene cloth tape featuring a pressure sensitive high tack rubber adhesive with excellent high resistance to outdoor exposure.

Agricultural Cloth Sealing Tape is excellent for agricultural uses such as sealing gaps and protecting turbine blades during refurbishment. Sealing tape has excellent waterproof properties, hood strength, good flexibility and high comfortability.

Good initial tack and ultimate adhesion, easy tear, excellent low and high temperature performance make this tape excellent for most industrial duct applications.

Features and Benefits:
  • Sealing of gaps in trailers and other equipment containing grain
  • Easily tearable by hand
  • This agricultural tape has uses in joining and sealing of ducting
  • Protection of turbine blades during refurbishment
  • Joining heavy duty polyethylene sheeting and wall boards
  • Splicing and joining during manufacturing processes
  • Writable surface
  • Coated with a pressure sensitive high tack rubber adhesive
  • Excellent waterproof properties
  • Super strong
  • Available in black, silver or white
Item Code: FL1801 - High Performance Sealing Cloth Tape

Technical data & MSDS
Agricultural Cloth Sealing Tape - Tech Data

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Agricultural Cloth Sealing Tape - Black - 100mm x 50m roll