B2 Expanding PU Foam for Installation of Doors and Windows


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SKU: BDEFGB2-12 Bond-It


Fix and Fill Expanding Foam

A high performance, B2 polyurethane expanding foam.

B2 rated polyurethane foam filler. The cured foam is a good temperature and sound insulator, and has strong adhesive properties. Used for installation of doors and windows, insulation and fixing of pipework, filling gaps and holes, fixing wall panels and roof tiles and for thermal insulation. Supplied in aerosol and gun grade versions.Conforms to European standard.

DIN 4102 PART 1, Class B2.

Window setting (where a clean and controlled backfill is required), entrance door linings, any kind of small break-throughs in walls and other cavities.
- Quick curing.
- For filling, fixing and insulating.
- Expanding volume – 50-70%.

Colour: Beige