Bond It Bitubond 100 Tanking Membrane
Bond It Bitubond 100 Tanking Membrane

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A bitumen based flexible waterproofing membrane which is self-adhesive for easy application. One side is covered in bitumen and one side is covered in a high density 2-ply, cross laminated polythene film. The underside is protected by a release sheet which is removed prior to the bonding of the material. Designed for use in tanking ground structures, parking and plaza decks, subways and retaining walls.

How to use:
Remove the protective release sheet. Apply the membrane, bitumen side down, to the prepared surface. Press down firmly, working from the centre to the edges to expel air pockets. Membrane should be overlapped to ensure a good seal; overlap should be a minimum of 75mm at the edges and 100mm at roll ends and should be firmly rolled with a hand held pressure roller.

  • Complies to EN13696 Type T.
  • Factory controlled 1.5mm thickness
  • High impact resistant carrier.
  • Easy application.
  • Traditional construction.