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Bond It Paint Stripper - 6 x 1L tubs


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An effective remover of water or oil based paints and varnish from a variety of substrates including:wood, concrete, metal, glass, brick and stone. Also effective in the removal of polyurethane, epoxy, polystyrene, polyester and industrial adhesives. Non-drip, brush applied formulation, ideal for use on vertical surfaces.

How to use:

Apply a liberal amount of Paint Stripper directly to the area with a brush or roller. Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes and remove paint with a scraper.

If the surface has 3 or more layers of paint, a longer soak time will be required. Because the active ingredients are non volatile, this product will continue working long after traditional paint strippers have stopped. Even after 18 hours Paint Stripper will continue to soften paint ready for easy removal. Repeat the process if required once the loosened material has been removed.

Finally finish by rubbing the surface with a scotchbrite cloth or stainless steel wool to remove the last remnants of paint from the grain of the wood. Residual paint stripper should be removed using soapy water. Paint brushes and rollers can be easily cleaned using soapy water.

Bond It Paint Stripper - 6 x 1L tubs