Bond It PC800 Pipeseal - 8 x 125ml cans


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Used for jointing rigid uPVC water pipes. It is also suitable for many applications in the construction industry such as jointing PVC rainwater and drainage systems.

How to use:

1. Cut pipe squarely and remove swarf from inner and outer edges and lightly chamfer outer edge.

2. Lightly abrade pipe and socket with an emery cloth then de-grease with fresh absorbent paper soaked in MEK cleaning fluid.

3. Using the brush applicator, quickly apply an even and generous coating of adhesive to the pipe in a lengthways direction and a similar but thinner coat to the fitting.

4. Immediately push together to the full depth, without twisting. Hold in place for 20-30 seconds then clean off excess adhesive.

5. Allow at least 10 minutes before handling and a further 8 hours before putting into service.

6. Reseal tin immediately after use.

Bond It PC800 Pipeseal - 8 x 125ml cans