Carpet Underlay Splicing Tape - 100mm x 50m roll


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SKU: FL1801.003 Flowstrip


Carpet Underlay Tape lets you join your underlay seams effortlessly. A super strong completely waterproof gaffer tape designed for carpet underlay splicing applications, displaying excellent lasting tensile strength.


This underlay tape prevents curling, movement and filtration of draughts through a wooden subfloor. You can also use this splicing tape to stick your underlay down to the subfloor. It can be used when fitting carpet underlay on a concrete floor when staples cannot be used, creating a durable waterproof barrier.

High performance cloth tape featuring a high tack rubber adhesive, displaying excellent waterproof properties, hood strength, good flexibility and high comfortability. Good initial tack and ultimate adhesion makes application quick and easy.

Features and Benefits:

  • Super strong
  • Easily tearable by hand
  • Prevents curling, movement and draughts
  • Easily hand tearable
  • Excellent waterproof properties
Item Code: FL1801 - Carpet Underlay Tape