Corner Radius Routing Templates 4pce


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Make cutting smooth radii to soften 90° corners fast and flawless. Templates can be used alone to draft a pencil line or attached to included, marked handle for plotting on router table. Bottom of each template has rubber strips, which, combined with the handle, provide a strong grip. Size-marked templates can be used to create a dozen radii from 3 to 25mm (1/8 to 1") in 3mm (1/8") increments, and 32 to 51mm (1-1/4 to 2") radii in 6mm (1/4") increments. Ideal for any project with quarter-round corners, such as bookcase end panels, table tops, wall-mounted shelves and more.

Allows quick, smooth rounding of 90° corners

Templates fit easily into handle

Rubber strips provide strong grip

Radius printed on each rounded corner

Includes sizes 3 to 51mm