Cracks and Edging Sealer for Gap Filling


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High Quality and Flexible Gap Filler

A one part, high quality, flexible material for use with Seal It Liquid Membrane. Based on hybrid technology this product can be applied to wet surfaces and is non-shrinking making it ideal for use as a gap-filler where cracks and apertures exist in the roof substrate to be covered.

Product Description

High modulus, remains permanently flexible. For exterior applications in all weather conditions. Non-shrinking. Contains no isocyanates, solvents, silicone and phthalates.Rapid curing. Excellent adhesion to most surfaces (even moist surfaces).Wet on wet application. No odour.


It can be used prior to application of Seal It Liquid Membrane to make good any cracks, edges, details and other openings in the substrate to give a sound base. Suitable for use with most common roofing materials offering superb adhesion. Alternatively it can also be used after application to secure edgings and seals to create a self- terminating flashing or provide extra protection around roof elements such as chimneys, air vents etc.