Crash Wrap Protection Film - 914mm x 18m roll


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SKU: SP612-091418-CLEAR Flowstrip


Crash Wrap Protection Film is a clear self-adhesive protection film designed to be applied following the breaking of vehicle glass during accidents or repairs. Crash Wrap provides effective protection against the elements, enabling the vehicle to be stored outside while keeping the car interior clean and free from leaks.

Perforated every 700mm, Crash Wrap Protection Film is very quick and easy to install. Once applied, the film adheres well to the vehicle bodywork forming a durable seal. Due to its strong high grab adhesive, Crash Wrap is suitable for high speed driving until replacement vehicle glass is fitted and is clear to provide good visibility.

Crash Wrap Protection Film also removes cleanly from the vehicle, leaving behind minimal adhesive residue. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Designed to keep out rain, snow, dust and wind
  • Leaves behind minimal adhesive residue
  • Suitable for use while driving, high adhesive strength. 
  • Clear for high visibility