Double Sided Anti-Plas Carpet Fix Tape - 50mm x 25m
Double Sided Anti-Plas Carpet Fix Tape - 50mm x 25m

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Double Sided Tape



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A hand tearable double sided carpet fix tape with a high tack adhesive coating on both sides, designed for heavy-duty carpet fitting applications. It is highly conformable and suitable for use on most conventional carpet backings including PVC. 

The high adhesive coat weight of this carpet fix tape aids adhesion to rough, uneven and irregular or dusty surfaces making it ideal for when fitting carpets. 

The Anti-Plasticiser properties of this carpet tape also ensure that the tape's adhesive will not react and deteriorate the carpet backing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Double-sided
  • High tack
  • Suitable for use on rough, uneven, irregular and dusty surfaces
  • Excellent double-sided carpet tape for use in carpet installation
  • An excellent tape for use in carpet installation applications.