Duo 2 in 1 Fast Drying and Water Resistant Wood Glue


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SKU: BDA050 Bond-It


Fast drying, water-resistant, D3 PVA wood adhesive.

A fast drying, water-resistant, PVA wood adhesive with a bond strength stronger than the wood itself. For use as a general purpose, joinery adhesive, or for applications where long term resistance to moisture is a pre-requisite of the adhesive. Conforms to the requirements of category D3/3 and D3/4 of EN204. Meets the resistance to sustained load (creep test) requirements of BS 4071 “Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) Emulsion Adhesives for Wood".

Ensure surfaces are clean, free from dust and dry. Remove outer packaging from roll of tape.

EN204; BS4071