Everbuild Opti-Mix 3-In-1 Render Additive
Everbuild Opti-Mix 3-In-1 Render Additive

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Everbuild Opti-Mix 3-In-1 Render Additive is a highly concentrated render additive which is 25 times the strength of conventional render additives. The triple action formula of Opti-Mix 3-In-1 acts as a waterproofer, air entraining plasticiser and open time extender which eliminates the need for separate waterproofing/plasticizing admixtures.

Everbuild Opti-Mix 3-In-1 Render Additive forms extremely stable air bubbles in render mixes. This improves the workability of render giving it a “buttery” consistency and helps prevent shrinkage, cracking, crazing and mild frost damage during the curing process, as well as providing long term resistance to freeze/thaw cycles. It also contains pore blocking additives to reduce water absorption and reduces the chance of efflorescence (salt formation). Everbuild Opti-Mix 3-In-1 Render Additive extends open time to enable large areas to be covered in one go.

Features & Benefits:
  • Concentrated formula 1ltr = 25ltrs of standard 3 in 1 Additives.
  • Easy to use gauged bottle.
  • Improves water resistance of mortars.
  • Added plasticising agent improves workability
  • Helps to reduce salt permeation.
  • Prolongs open time of mortar mixes.
Technical data & MSDS
Technical Datasheet
MSDS Datasheet

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