Expanding Foam Tape (Acoustic Tape 100kg) - 4 x 50mm x 4m x 72mm rolls


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Our expanding foam tape, also known as Flowseal is the professional sealant choice for demanding applications where continued seal protection through expansion and contraction of substrates is vital, also suitable as an acoustic tape.

Over the last fifteen years Flowseal has solved many architectural and manufacturing problems with its versatility, ease of application and reduction of waste. This material competes in applications where typical sealants such as silicone and caulking do not or perform  or will suit where the customer is looking for an overall increase in performance.

If you require an air and dust seal, acoustic seal or a weather seal Flowseal can cater for your requirements and outperform most sealants in today™s market.

What is Flowseal?

Flowseal is a pre-compressed, self expanding, impregnated, open cell foam tape.

Pre-compressed - Flowseal is supplied in roll format and is pre-compressed up to five times the foams original form. Once the roll is opened Flowseal starts to expand with no assistance. The speed to which it expands depends on the ambient temperature conditions.

 Self Expanding - The self expansion of Flowseal allows the material to create a seal in application making the sealant applicator less responsible for the quality of seal produced.

Impregnated - The impregnation is a modified acrylic system closing the foam structure and protecting against UV light and other exterior elements.

Open Cell “ The open cell structure of the foam tape allows to foam to expand and compress with the movement of the substrates and also conform very well to irregular surfaces.

 What is Flowseal used for?
¢ Waterproof/weatherproof open gaps or used to seal between two substrates
¢ Cause a dust seal or air baffle
¢ Create a thermal & acoustic seal

¢ Sealing of gaps between window & door frames
¢ Sealing between concrete sections
¢ Sealing between sill and brickwork
¢ Sealing of double casement windows
¢ Sealing of sky-lights and roof-lights
¢ Sealing of roof constructions

Features and Benefits:

¢ Compatible with most wet sealants
¢ Non staining
¢ Creates a cleaner environment where used instead of other sealant 
¢ Can be painted over
¢ Does not dry out
¢ Durable and resilient for movement joints
¢ Suitable for uneven surfaces within gap
¢ Ease of application
¢ Less chance of joint failure
¢ Will not extrude from joint when squeezed
¢ Polyester scrim prevents stretching of material during installation
¢ Can be used across a large temperature range
¢ No cleaning down after installation
¢ Saves time & money
¢ Creates a weather tight, air and dust seal
¢ Expands to fill voids and undulations
¢ Excellent UV resistance
¢ B1 fire rating
¢ Does not dry out
  Getting the size and dimension right to suit your individual application is essential when using this material to make sure you achieve the correct seal integrity. Therefore the following compression ratio's are required;

Air, Dust & Semi Acoustic Seal - Expanded Foam Thickness = twice the gap size

Penetrating Water Seal & High Acoustic Seal - Expanded Foam Thickness = four times the gap size


Gap Size = 10mm with an air & dust seal required
Expanded foam thickness required - 10mm x 2 = 20mm

Gap Size = 10mm with a water seal required
Expanded foam thickness required - 10mm x 4 = 40mm

Product Information

Please follow the link above to view product information and dimensions for our expanding foam tape.

Size and Quantity:

This expanding foam tape is available in a variation of sizes and quantities.
Bespoke sizes and die cuts are available  on request.



Item Code:

FL4512 - Expanding Foam Tape/ Acoustic Tape 100kg

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