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Febmix Admix is the Original vinsol resin air entraining plasticiser that replaces lime in the mix to provide an easy to work œbutter like� consistency to the mortar and to prevent shrinkage, cracking and crazing during the setting process.

Febmix Admix is designed for use in brick laying and plastering mortars, providing a degree of frost resistance and long term resistance to freeze-thaw cycles when set.

Conforms fully with the requirements of BS EN 934-3:2009.

There is also a South West formula specially designed for South Wales and the West Country.

Features & Benefits:
  • Ultra stable bubble structure.
  • Uniform air entrainment structure.
  • Works with most types of Portland Cement and difficult sands.
  • Increased resistance to damage by freeze/thaw.
  • Reduced segregation and bleed.
  • Non corrosive to embedded metals.
  • Increased working time.
  • Easier and faster mortar spread.
  • Can be used to replace lime.
  • Can be used with P.F.A. containing mortars.

Technical data & MSDS
Febmix Admix - The Original - Technical Datasheet
Febmix Admix - The Original - MSDS
Febmix Admix SW - Technical Datasheet
Febmix Admix SW - MSDS

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Feb Febmix Admix "The Original" Mortar Plasticiser