Foam Backer Rod - 20mm diameter x 10m


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A closed cell foam backer rod designed to fill joints, groves and cracks in building materials to reduce sealant wastage and improve sealant performance. Once applied to the joint, backer rod fills most of the void, ready for a sealant to be applied to create an air and watertight seal. As the backer rod foam is closed cell it is suitable for outdoor and heavy duty applications, including joints exposed to mechanical stress or water pressure.   

Using backer rod increases accuracy, precision and saves time when applying sealant to the joints, allowing for a uniform bead of silicone to be applied with minimal wastage.

Foam backer rod foam is flexible and allows for joint movement and flexibility in various applications including, tiling, flooring, decorative wall panelling, window sealing, stonework and counter tops.

Features & Benefits:  

  • Reduce sealant usage
  • Reduce cure times
  • Provides the means to achieve the correct joint dimensions, preventing three-sided adhesion.
  • Minimise wastage
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • To reduce joint depth in building materials
  • As a backstop when tooling sealant in expansion joints
Technical data & MSDS
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Foam Backer Rod - 20mm diameter x 10m