FrogTape Multi-Surface Masking Tape
FrogTape Multi-Surface Masking Tape


FrogTape Masking Tape is a revolutionary new painting and decorating product designed to produce crisp, sharp paint lines while preventing paint bleed. 

FrogTape Mutli-Surface Masking Tape is the only decorators masking tape treated with PaintBlock™ technology. PaintBlock™ is a super-absorbant polymer which reacts when in contact with emulsion paint to form a gel micro-barrier along the edges of FrogTape, preventing paint bleed. 

FrogTape Masking Tape is the go to decorators choice for a premium quality masking tape for when a perfect finish is required. Ideal for use with emulsion paints to produce professional results everytime.    

Features & Benefits:
  • Premium quality painters masking tape
  • FrogTape keeps paint out and keeps lines sharp
  • The only masking tape treated with PaintBlock™
  • Supplied in a protective case to keep FrogTape moisture and dust free
  • Prevents paint bleed
FrogTape is suitable for interior and exterior use on painted walls, wood trim, glass and metal. 

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