Integral Water Resistant Plasticiser for Internal and External Rendering


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SKU: BDH020 Bond-It


Premium Grade Integral Water Resistant Plasticiser

A premium grade integral water resistant plasticiser.

A high strength cement waterproofer for internal and external rendering, roof screeds, swimming pools, tanks, retaining walls, basement walls and reservoirs. Improves workability and plasticity of concrete and mortar in the wet state and resists water penetration even when under pressure. Improves the plasticity of the mix making it easier to use. Retards suction in multi-layer renders. Reacts with free lime in the mortar to form hydrophobic crystals which block the pores, thereby improving the water resistance of the mix. CE Approved.


Add to gauging water. To obtain maximum benefit the minimum amount of water should be used in the mix together with an appropriately rich cement and sand aggregate ratio. In application, the mortar must be well compacted to give a dense homogeneous body.

Colour: Pink