Slimline LED Floor Light


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SKU: E206013 Toolstream


Powered LED worklight with powerful SMD LEDs delivering 4000K of cool white light. Slim, fold-flat design for easy transportation and storage. Impact-resistant aluminium and ABS housing built to withstand hard knocks. Folding stand and stable base allows easy positioning. Can also be easily mounted to a tripod. Compatible with Umbrella-Type Telescopic Tripod (E206015). Drop-tested to 1m. Supplied with 1.5m rubber cable (H05RN-F), 3G x 1mm2.

Powerful SMD LEDs deliver 4000k cool white light

Impact-resistant aluminium & ABS housing

Slim fold-flat design for portability & easy storage

Drop tested to 1m

Includes 1.5m rubber cable (H05RN-F), 3G x 1.00mm2