LN11 Prevents Flame, Smoke, Toxic Gases and Water FR Silicone Sealant


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SKU: BDLN11WH-12 Bond-It


Protecting Engineered Joints Sealant

Fire resistant silicone for the protection of engineered joints in buildings.

Product Description

Prevents the spread of flame, smoke, toxic gases and water. Halogen free to reduce the risks of toxic fumes and corrosion in the event of fire.


It is a neutral curing chemical system suitable for use on concrete, cement, all kinds of metals, timber, glass, ceramics and many plastics. Maintains the integrity of fire walls when breached by conduits, pipes, etc, sealing panels, door frames, partitions, cap beading of protective fire glazing. All the benefits of a silicone rubber sealant, sealing, waterproofing, etc.