Low Tack Window Frame Protection Tape - 24 x 25mm x 100m rolls


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Low tack, durable and easy to apply, our low tack window frame protection tape is specifically designed to protect the frame of the window during transport and installation, from dirt, scratches, tool marks and general damage.

Once applied, window frame protection tape adheres well to the window frame surface providing good initial tack, ensuring the protection tape is held securely in place while work or transport is carried out. When it comes to removing the window protection tape, it removes quickly and cleanly without leaving any adhesive residue behind. 

Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including cold rolled stainless steel, laminates, painted metal, aluminium, plastic sheets (PVC, PMMA, PC, PS), PVC/metal laminates, and chrome and nickel alloys.

Features and Benefits:

  • Rubber adhesive for good initial tack
  • Protects the window frame during transport and installation
  • Easily removed, leaving no residue
  • 70 micron thickness offers excellent level of protection
Technical data & MSDS
Technical Datasheet

Product Code: FL559 - Window Frame Protection Tape

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Low Tack Window Frame Protection Tape - 24 x 25mm x 100m rolls