Open Tool Bag


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Open Tool Bag for Professions 

This open tool bag is incredible for all kinds are things, filled with surprises. It's large size makes it feel like you can fits who knows how many tools inside plus the additional side pockets. Toolbags are designed to help you carry your equipment and objects around without the need of getting back pain after picking everything up, one-by-one. 

Who can use this large tool bag?

There's no real answer but generally speaking, we think it can by used by almost anyone especially if you're in the construction & DIY industry. The following professions can definitely benefit from this open tool bag. It can be an:

  • Electricians Tool bag
  • Plumbers Tool bag
  • Technicians Tool bag
  • Plasterers Tool bag
  • Builders Tool bag

This awesome looking tool bag will hold many things, primarily your key equipment you need to do your jobs. 

What other benefits does this open tool bag have?

This open tool bag is open with possibilities, giving you many places to put your stuff, here is some awesome additions on your tool bag:

  • Soft shell opening with collapsible sides and a removable PVC base
  • Provides very easy access to all the contents stored within
  • Incorporates a strengthened bar with cushion grip giving it ease of mobility
  • Features 4 open pouches
  • Features 1 covered pocket
  • Features 1 D-ring 6 outer attachment loops
  • Features 14 inner attachment loops

That's a lot of things for one bag right? 

A large tool bag designed to carry a lot in quantity and weight, is waiting to become your new helpers' bag.