Piddle Pads - Puppy Training Pads
Piddle Pads - Puppy Training Pads


Piddle Pads are disposable puppy training pads designed to help teach your puppy where to relieve themselves during puppy toilet training.

Use Piddle Pads whilst house training your puppy to teach them to relive themselves in an area selected by you, and not on the floor or furniture.

These puppy training pads are very absorbent, using super polymer technology with sealed edges to prevent leaks. The thick layered coating locks odours away, whilst the scent added to the puppy pad ensures your puppy will know exactly where to go. Once the Piddle Pad is full, it will change colour, alerting you to the fact that it needs replacing.

Features & Benefits:
  • Polymer technology for super-absorbancy
  • The quilted finish means they’re quick drying
  • Their sealed edges prevent leaks
  • Self adhesive tabs hold the pad in place during use
  • Changes colour when needs replacing
Technical data & MSDS
Technical Datasheet

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