Portwest P351 FFP3 Valved Respirator (Pk20)


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Improved with DOLOMITE optional clogging test. Comfort: Vertical Flat Folded each mask inside individual polybag for easier storage. Exhalation valve for lighter breathing resistance. Adjustable nose clip for optimised fit.

This mask is very effective at what it does and will NOT disappoint. Being more advanced than simpler ones, it has a lot more going for it. If you work in construction or are around levels of pollutions, this mask is the answer for the betterment of your health & wellbeing due to not only dangerous levels of pollution but also smaller things you may not notice such as dust, particles and even viruses. 

This product will make you healthier, more safe and most importantly, more responsible.

Here are the key features of the FFP3 Respirator Mask:

  • Exhalation Valve for Lighter Breathing
  • Adjustable Nose Clip for Optimised Fitting
  • More Advanced than a more simple one
  • Much more effective than a simple mask
  • Healthier, Safer and Efficient

Does this mask sound too weak or too strong for your surroundings? Well, we have plenty more sat in our store waiting for you. Feel free to check them out!

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Portwest P351 FFP3 Valved Respirator (Pk20)