Puppy & Pet Pads - 25 x 60cm x 40cm pads


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These Pet Pads and puppy pads and are a non-woven fabric cage liner designed as a disposable pad for pets. It consists of multiple layers of soft fluff pulp, tissue paper and Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP). The soft and breathable top fabric ensures that pets feel dry, whilst the SAP ensures that any liquids are absorbed quickly and efficiently. Pressurised to prevent leakages, and with a polyethylene film backing, it is designed to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

Features and Benefits:
  • Super absorbent pet pad cage liners
  • Cover a very large area
  • Suitable for training or lining an incontinent pets bed
  • Top layer allows moisture in but not out
  • Inner layers are absorbent for holding moisture in away from your pet
  • The bottom layer is waterproof
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Puppy & Pet Pads - 25 x 60cm x 40cm pads