Scapa 2950HC Large Area Masking Tape
Scapa 2950HC Large Area Masking Tape


Scapa 2950HC Large Area Masking Tape is a two in one product: an electrostatic film strip made of polyethylene, pretaped on one side by a rubber adhesive coated masking tape. Scapa 2950HC is transparent (film) and beige (masking tape).

  • Wide surface protection during painting, projection or HVLP spraying.
  • General site protection for painting, decoration etc… Caution -. Test the strength of the adhesive tape on the surface which does not affect the work. Do not let the tape stick more than 72 hours
  • Floor, skirting boards, and furniture protection, as well as windows and doors
  • For indoor applications.
Features & Benefits:
  • Quick and simple application (2 in 1 solution)
  • Good adhesion on most surfaces.
  • Neat and clean Edges: straight or slightly curved
  • Good peel adhesion.
  • Suitable for brush, roller and spray gun applications.
  • Good resistance to water and chemical agents.
  • No staining.
  • Conformable
  • The electrostatic and high density allows immediate adhesion on windows etc. ...
  • Easy hand cut: straight and clean. No need for a cutter or scissors: Time saving
  • Adhesive tape resists up to 80°c.
Technical data & MSDS
Technical Datasheet

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