Scapa Mask Gold Precision Masking Tape
Scapa Mask Gold Precision Masking Tape


Scapa Mask Gold is a fine-line paper masking tape made of Japanese flat paper uniformly coated with a solvent acrylic adhesive. Scapa Mask Gold is perfectly suited for precision painting under high or low temperature conditions, as well as for interior or exterior use.

  • Masking with a fine line boundary when painting.
  • Masking tape for multiple layer paint jobs (various layers of different colours of paint) whereby there is no built up of paint.
  • Suitable for most delicate surfaces
  • Masking tape for the automotive aftermarket (good adhesion characteristics on rubber mouldings)
  • Ideal for use in combination with water based paints
  • Suitable for brush, roller and spray applications. Drying in room temperature conditions.
Features & Benefits: 
  • For use with all types of paint, varnishes, and lacquers.
  • Clean removal at room temperature.
  • Smooth and controlled unwind.
  • Excellent peel adhesion.
  • Excellent shear and holding strength.
  • Excellent paint flake resistance.
  • No staining.
  • Resistant to mild chemicals, lacquers, solvents and water.
  • Resists up to 100 °c (60‘)
  • UV resistant up to 60 days
Technical data & MSDS
Technical Datasheet

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