SikaBond PVA+ Building Adhesive - 4 x 5L tubs
SikaBond PVA+ Building Adhesive - 4 x 5L tubs

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2.5-5L, 5-25L, Sika, White


SikaBond PVA+ is a general purpose economic adhesive, sealer and mortar improver.

  • As a highly effective and easy to use building adhesive
  • As a primer, admixture, bonding agent, sealer and dustproofer
  • As general purpose adhesive for wood, cork, paper, textiles etc
  • As an internal filler when mixed with shavings/plaster
Features & Benefits:
  • Easy to use
  • Improves cohesion and workability
  • Excellent adhesion
Technical data & MSDS
MSDS Datasheet

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