Bond It Silicone Release Spray
Bond It Silicone Release Spray


Has a wide range of uses including:

  • mould releasing and lubrication in the automotive
  • engineering
  • food
  • clothing
  • upholstery industry

where the clean, low toxicity lubricating properties of silicone are ideal. 

Spray in short bursts on to the surfaces that require lubrication, wipe away excess with a soft cloth. For mould release applications remove any material from the mould, spray uniformly paying particular attention to corners and areas of fine detail. Ensure all surfaces have received a coating, the silicone can be gently spread using a soft non woven cloth. Best results will always be achieved from moulds with smooth unpitted finishes.


  • Eases friction between surfaces.
  • Eliminates noises & squeaking.
  • Aerosol contains a special valve to restrict flammability.