Stage & Theatre Matt Gaffer Tape (Priced per box)


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SKU: SP226-002550-24 Flowstrip


Stage & Theatre Tape is a non-reflective matt gaffer tape ideal for use within theatre, stage, video, film and broadcast industries, where non-reflective/low visibility is desirable.

Also ideally suited for use as a Camera Tape.

Perfect for temporary floor layouts on stages, attaching fixtures and props, repairing broken or damaged production equipment. Stage tape is also suitable for laying down and taping over wires and stage equipment to prevent trips and falls, while maintaining low visibility.

Stage & Theatre Tape is also extremely useful in theatrical, dance, and gymnasium environments for floor marking applications, removing without leaving behind any hard to remove adhesive residue.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reflects virtually no light
  • Hand tearable
  • Waterproof matt gaffer tape
  • Useful for stage floor layout and temporary attaching of fixtures, props and wires
  • Removes without leaving adhesive residue