Tattoo & Piercing Autoclave Sterilization Pouches - 200 x 60mm x 100mm pouches


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Tattoo and piercing autoclave pouches are designed to be the ideal size for sterilizing tattoo and piercing needles and instruments quickly and easily.

The white indicator strip on each autoclave pouch, clearly confirms the sterilisation of the instrument inside by changing to brown through steam sterilisation, or green/yellow through Ethylene Oxide gas process.

Simply place the needle or instrument into the autoclave steam sterilization pouch and seal by hand. It's also easy to identify the contents through the clear blue front panel.

Suitable for use with Ethylene Oxide or Steam sterilisers.

Features & Benefits:  

  • Heavyweight 70gsm paper
  • Blue tinted transparent 2-ply laminate film allows easy viewing of the contents of the pouch
  • Suitable for both steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation
  • Each pouch printed with Class A process indicators for both steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation
  • Includes lot number for full manufacturing traceability
  • Self Seal strip eliminates the need for heat seal equipment and provides a validated seal
  • Off-Set webs for easy opening
  • Tack seals to prevent curling and reduce external contamination
Technical data & MSDS
FM9P01 Autoclave Sterilization Pouches - Tech Data

Item Code: FM9P01 - Self Seal Autoclave Sterilization Pouches

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